In April 2018, I lost my brother Luke to suicide. He was in the military and served in Afghanistan. He never came back the same and battled PTSD.
From this, Leah and I realised the lack of support men have for their mental health. So we decided to Build A Brotherhood, a place where men can come to share their struggles and receive support if that is what is wanted.
In Leah's last position as a drug and alcohol counsellor with family therapy training we knew we could make a difference.

Twice a month we hold free men’s support groups in hope to end men suffering in silence. Included in our support group we also run our Basic Life Skills Course in the second half. 
We also offer to run this with workplaces via zoom too. Please contact us at admin@buildabrotherhood.com for further information. 

The subjects that are covered are:

•Self care techniques

•Anger management   techniques 

•Emotional regulating techniques 

•Communication Skills

•Healthy Boundaries 

•Relationship issues

•Stress management techniques 

•Grief and loss suffered from trauma or abandonment 

•Values and Core Beliefs

The men from our support groups also organise events together like camping and other things. 

We also do couples workshops and workshops for women who want to learn how to support the men in their lives. 

We also share men’s stories on our Instagram @_buildabrotherhood in hope to encourage others that it is ok to open up about theirs too.
We also make merchandise to raise awareness for men’s mental health and our support groups, 

Our merchandise is made to order so it does take around 4-6 weeks after you order to receive. Please keep this in mind when ordering. The money is being used to fund these support groups, workshops and help to support men. We are coming to a point where we have the opportunity to grow exponentially thanks to its success so now we are finalising legal processes to officially be registered as a non for profit charity so we can rapidly expand our potential.

Thank you so much for your support so we have been able to achieve. 

Our vision is in the loving memory of Luke Bray. 



Improving the Lives of Many

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Shout out to all the men going through a lot, with no one to turn to because the world wrongly taught our males to mask their emotions. 




If our payments are shut we are currently processing an order. Payments will reopen soon to take our next round of orders. Thank you so much for the support in trying to end men suffering in silence. 

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